From Lal Ded To Skims! – Young Life


Hajibagh, HMT

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Everywhere,the sorry state is same;
Because our messiahs need a false fame.
Who are we going to blame?
When the whole machinery is lame.
Lal Ded was a true philanthropist;
But the authorities at Lal Ded rejected a lady in a mist.
Moreover,they had shown her a fist;
And in my opinion,it is a fake zest.
The lady gave birth to an innocent child on the road;
And there was no one who could take her on board.
Our representatives only like to hoard;
And the lady’s child could not think of a royal Ford.
Mir Anjum was admitted in SKIMS for the treatment;
But was given back false punishment.
Here, criminals never give any type of rent;
And they are pegging a sacred tent.
Anjum couldn’t believe this fault;
Because in place of care,she was taken for assualt.
She couldn’t believe this way of halt;
On her deep wounds,was rubbed a dirty salt.
Bring perpetrators to justice is an old thing;
Because Anjum had lost its inner wing.
She was likely to wear a holy ring;
But the life saving blood became a life taking sharp string.
FIR is lodged in the police station;
And follow others,then call it an imitation.
Do our doctors know about any secretion?
Or they come to hospitals for recreation.
Our Anjum is no more,are you aware?
She was her mother’s dear and dear.
Our white messiahs has brought in our hearts a new fear;
Because apart from these white aprons,there is an unsympathetic layer.
Let us make our hospitals accountable.
Here,deaths are innumerable as well as uncountable.


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