SRINAGAR: The University of Nottingham’s School of Computer Science presents an opportunity for fully-funded PhD studentships for home and international students for the year 2024. These scholarships encompass a wide array of research domains within the school, particularly focusing on the Functional Programming Lab.

The studentships encompass a diverse range of research fields within the School of Computer Science, spanning Cyber-Physical Health, Computational Optimization, Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, Functional Programming, Intelligent Modeling, Mixed Reality, Uncertainty in Data, and Visualization, among others.

The programme will commence from October 2024 and the deadline to apply for the programme is April 7, 2024.

The studentships extend for a duration of 3.5 years and comprises an annual stipend of £18,622, in addition to fully funded tuition fees. Willing applicants are urged to delve into research domains aligned with the School’s research groups.

The eligibility expects applicants to have a first-class Bachelor or Masters degree, or an international equivalent, in a related discipline.

Interested candidates should contact a potential supervisor at least two weeks before the closing date. If the supervisor supports the application, they will guide the applicant to make an official application through the My Nottingham system. The potential supervisors are:

Thorsten Altenkirch – constructive logic, proof assistants, homotopy type theory, category theory, lambda calculus.

Ulrik Buchholtz – homotopy type theory, synthetic homotopy theory, proof assistants, constructive mathematics, and related topics.

Nicolai Kraus – homotopy type theory, higher category theory, constructive mathematics, and related topics.

Dan Marsden – category theory, logic, finite model theory, diagrammatic reasoning, foundations of computer science.

For further details and application process, go on to


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