Kicked Out by Apni party, Mudasir Aziz Back on Road


SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party, led by Altaf Bukhari, expelled Mudasir Aziz on Friday for unethical behaviour on social media. Aziz, a Facebook page admin who joined the Apni Party only a few days ago, was removed following public outcry over his conduct.

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A video of Mudasir Bashir Bhat alias Mudasir Aziz using unparliamentary language during a Facebook live session drew criticism from various sections of the society. Subsequently, a complaint was lodged against him before the court of Judicial Magistrate Pampore in written form.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the party reads, “In light of recent events, it has come to the attention of the Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party that Mudasir Aziz has exhibited behaviour inconsistent with the values and ethics upheld by the organisation. The Apni Party is committed to maintaining a standard of integrity, respect, and humanity, which  Aziz’s actions have contravened. Effective immediately, Mr. Mudasir Aziz is hereby suspended from all roles, responsibilities, and activities associated with the Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party.”

The statement added that the party does not tolerate any inhumane or unethical behaviour and is dedicated to ensuring that all members adhere to the highest standards of conduct. The party believes this action is necessary to preserve the integrity and reputation of the organisation.

Additionally, the party announced the suspension of Mudasir Aziz, who also served as the Facebook Page admin, from all roles and responsibilities within the party for exhibiting behaviour inconsistent with the organisation’s values and ethics.

The suspension order reiterates the party’s commitment to upholding integrity, respect, and humanity, and asserts that this measure is essential to maintain the organisation’s integrity and reputation.


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