Geelani ridicules Burmese councillor Aung Suu Kyi’s statement


Octogenarian Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on Friday while ridiculing the statement of the Nobel Prize winner and Burmese councillor Aung San Suu, said that equating Rohingya Muslims with Kashmir issue, is unjustified and instead of looking at the issue through a specific prism, she should take into consideration all aspects of human values.

In a statement, Geelani said that terrorism and right to self-determination are two different subjects, saying there is a no resemblance between Rohingya and Kashmir issue.

Geelani while hailing the solidarity protests organized by people in nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir, said that irrespective of faith and religion, we as a suppressed nation feel the pain of other oppressed communities and nations.

Criticizing the use of “excessive and brute force against peaceful protests” organized to express solidarity with Rohingya Muslims, Geelani said that every human being has a democratic and moral right to raise voice and protest for    oppressed and hapless nations.

Syed Ali Geelani (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Geelani in his appeal to UN and international human rights agencies, asked them to take cognizance of the “brutalities being perpetrated on Rohingya Muslims” and urged them to help in stopping the bloodshed, saying it is pertinent to implement UN charter in letter and spirit.

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