House of Tulips – Young Life

Mohd Hanief (Hani)

I wandered lonely around the lakeside
When all at once I saw something that is one of its kind,
There was truth in what I saw,
A house of bloomed tulips
Sparkling through the Sunlight.
There was an old house by the side of lakeview,
I passed by it on my way to tulips,
I saw a group of students,
Clashing with each other
Each one claiming their ownership,
I intercepted students,
Muneeb’ s face cracks into simile
As though house of Tulips is his own,
Muneeb,the leader of students,
Lead me through to the house of Tulips,
A house,broken down before I was there,
The reality lost forever,
It’s tulips plucked before I could see them,
The house which no longer exists,
Hope of seeing the better tommorow, bloom again with full conviction,
Tulips sacrificed their today
For better tommorow.
I left motivated with a belief,that
House of Tulips will bloom again.


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