How India denies FIR to Kashmiri and gives Visa to Pakistani Children, asks Er Rasheed


Awami Ittihaad Party President and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid on Friday sharply reacting on granting the visa to five Pakistani children by Indian external affairs ministry for providing them treatment in India and has appealed both the countries to move beyond cosmetic measures.

Engineer Rashid (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

In a statement,  Er Rasheed said “while granting Visa to Pakistani Children is a welcome move but given the sufferings of divided families of Kashmiris on both the sides of LOC, the move is too small. New Delhi needs to answer about the sufferings of hundreds of divided Kashmiri families who had migrated to Pakistani Administered Kashmir and face enormous hurdles in contacting each other on the two sides of LOC” and added that “If Sushma Sawraj feels the pain of humans she should persuade her Govt. to allow Kashmiris meeting each other on the LOC in Karnah, Nowgam, Uri, Karen, Rajouri, Ponch and other border areas. Isn’t it shameful that the divided families who are just a few meters apart from each other on the opposite sides of LOC have to travel hundreds of miles via Amritsar to condole the demises in their families?”

The only thing, Rasheed said these divided families get from the two countries is the cross LOC shelling and making their life a hell. Even many Kashmiris whose kids had migrated to Pakistan Administrate Kashmir decades back are not allowed to visit their beloved ones.

“While many of these migrant Kashmiris have lost their lives in accidents, natural deaths or due to some other cause, their family members from this side of Kashmir are not being allowed to visit their respective places of residing in Pakistani administered Kashmir,” he said.

Er. Rasheed said while on one hand, New Delhi is trying to have a human face but on the other hand, has been denying a passport to most of the families whose beloved ones are residing in other parts of the world especially Pakistan and Pakistani controlled Kashmir.

“New Delhi and Islamabad need to reconsider their policies and move beyond cosmetic measures so that the divided families on both the sides of LOC get some genuine relief till Kashmir issue is permanently resolved”.

Er. Rasheed asked Sushma Sawraj to explain why dozens of kids like Omer Qayoom Soura were denied treatment in police custody which had resulted in the death of few including Omer Qayoom.

He added that Kashmiris have a right to know from Sushma Sawraj that before trying to gain sympathy or providing the visa to Pakistani Children why is Omer Qayoom’s family being denied even registration of FIR of their beloved kid.




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