SRINAGAR: In view of deaths falling from trees, the Jammu and Kashmir State Emergency Operation Centre has issued fresh norms for farmers for walnut harvesting season.

In a statement State Emergency Operation Centre said that it is becoming an occupational hazard for the traditional Walnut farmers.

“If precautions are not taken; falling from height can cause serious spinal injuries,” it reads.

“General public, particularly the Walnut farmers are requested to kindly adhere to the following safety-tips, while climbing trees for harvesting Walnuts,” it added.


  1. a) Only experienced and trained persons should climb the walnut trees during harvest.
  2. b) Safety measures should be taken when climbing a tree; your life is more precious.
  3. c) Use helmet and tie a safety harnesses rope, properly anchored, to break the fall.
  4. d) Ensure that you use a sturdy and durable thick rope.
  5. e) Use tall ladders to climb the trees.
  6. f) Wear non-slip boots.
  7. g) Check weather forecast by IMD before planning for the harvest.
  8. h) Remove logs, stones, boulders, etc around the base of the tree to reduce risk.
  9. i) Use safety nets or thick stacks of hay, around the tree, to prevent injury in case of accidental fall.
  10. j) Ensure a stable and firm position before beating the Walnuts.
  11. k) Learn basic first-aid from the nearest Civil Defence Unit or Health Centre.
  12. l) In case anyone is injured, administer immediate first aid and carry the injured on hard-wooden planks/hard-stretcher to the nearest Health centre.
  13. m) Mishandling the injured can cause damages, which can be fatal.
  14. n) Carry your cell phone with you to call for assistance in case of an accident.
  15. o) Call 102 for immediate medical assistance/ambulance service.


  1. a) Avoid climbing Walnut trees, instead use long ladders or long wooden poles to beat the Walnuts.
  2. b) Do not climb the Walnut tree in wet weather.
  3. c) Do not climb the trees bare-footed or with slippers.
  4. d) Never go alone to harvest Walnuts, when you plan to climb the tree.
  5. e) Do not use long metal poles to harvest the trees, as accidental contact with electric lines can result in electrocution, serious injury or death.
  6. f) Don’t wear loose clothing that can get entangled in branches.
  7. g) Avoid any kind of distractions, when you climb the tree, especially cell phone.
  8. h) Minors and inexperienced persons should never be allowed to climb Walnut trees.


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