Hurriyat (G) Confused; Now says we were part of MMM consultations


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Terming the statements of certain Hurriyat (G) leaders where they had said the amalgam was not consulted by the Mutahida Majlise Mashawrat (MMM) while framing its protest programme as a result of some communication gap, senior Hurriyat Conference (G) leader and General Secretary of Muslim League, Abdul Ahad Parra said the Geelani led faction of Hurriyat Conference was very much part of the deliberations.

“Our representatives were very much present in the meeting on directions of Geelani Sahib. He had authorized the representatives to attend the meeting on his behalf and nobody had gone there on his own”, Parra said while talking to KNS and added that the statements suggesting the contrary may have resulted out of lack of communication.

He said that all parties were present in the meeting either through their leaders or through their approved representatives.

The Hurriyat (G) leader called upon the mainstream politicians to join the freedom movement after giving up pro-India politics. “They should restore their honor and dignity by being part of the movement for welfare of the nation. Our doors are open for every one. Mainstream politicians should resign join the freedom moment. They should learn how Member of Parliament Ghulam Nabi Rattanpuri was insulted by Delhi Police and not allowed to meet Geelani Sahab”, said parra.

“They should introspect on what they have done against the people of the nation and serve the nation as freedom fighters by joining Hurriyat”, he added.


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