by Sajid Raina

SRINAGAR: During their visit to Kashmir, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, accompanied by his wife and daughter, encountered a deeply moved fan in Pahalgam, Kashmir’s top holidaying spot, who shared that he wept the whole night when Tendulkar retired.

I wept whole night, the day you Retired,' Die-hard Kashmir Fan told Tendulkar
I wept whole night, the day you Retired,’ Die-hard Kashmir Fan told Tendulkar( Snapshot of viral vide)

In a video now gone viral on social media platforms, an emotional fan, whose identity was not immediately known, expressed profound admiration for Tendulkar, his idol, recalling writing a book about the cricket icon. Reflecting on Tendulkar’s retirement day, he revealed spending the entire night in tears, unable to contain his sorrow.

Jis din aapne retirement liya, aapne do aasu bahaye, lekin maine puri raat aasu bahaye,” he told Tendulkar, expressing the deep impact the cricketer had on his life.

Legendry Batter Sachin Tendulkar with wife and daughter during a visit to a bat-manufacturing facility in Charsoo (Pulwama) on February 17, 2024

Meeting his idol was a dream come true for him, describing it as one of the best days of his life. Moved by the fan’s emotions, 50-year-old Tendulkar offered consolation, requesting the fan’s name and contact details to send him a token of appreciation upon his return to Mumbai. Amidst the snowy backdrop, Tendulkar shared his own joy, revelling in the tranquil
beauty of the surroundings.

Tendulkar’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir was filled with memorable encounters. In addition to his heartfelt interaction with the fan. Earlier on February 17, he also visited a bat manufacturing facility in Pulwama district.

Legendary Batsman Sachin Tendulkar Visits Bat Manufacturing Hub

Accompanied by his wife Anjali and daughter Sara, Tendulkar made a pit stop at MJ Sports Factory in Chersoo Pulwama, en route to Pahalgam, along the picturesque Srinagar-Jammu National Highway.

At MJ Sports, a bat manufacturing unit, Tendulkar delved into the intricate process of crafting bats, showing a keen interest in every step, from inspecting the raw clefts undergoing seasoning to personally testing the quality through bat knocking. His presence not only elevated the spirits of the locals but also added prestige to the Kashmir bat industry, with images of him engaging with manufacturers and the bats swiftly becoming emblematic.

The historical context of cricket bat manufacturing in Kashmir was not lost during Tendulkar’s visit. The introduction of English willow in the nineteenth century by figures like Sir Walter R Lawrence and JC Mac Donell laid the foundation for a thriving industry that is now estimated to be around Rs 1300 crore in value, supplying to major cities across India and producing around 1.5 million bats annually.

Tendulkar’s endorsement of the industry, coupled with his appreciation for the craftsmanship, offered a ray of hope amidst recent controversies surrounding the portrayal of Kashmiri bat manufacturers on a popular reality TV show.

The visit wasn’t merely about bats; Tendulkar also shared his wisdom on sportsmanship and encouraged athletes participating in the upcoming Khelo India Winter games. His reverence extended beyond sports, as evidenced by his visit to the Martand Temple in Anantnag, highlighting his holistic appreciation for Kashmir’s culture and heritage.


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