Arshid Malik

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is slated to visit Kashmir valley on the 7th day of November and I guess it calls for a celebration at least in the political corridors of power, meaning the People’s Democratic Party in the least. After all Modi is their “mentor” of sorts and has aided them in “wreaking devastation” here in the valley – this happens to be the common man’s perception which is compounded by the fact that the Chief Minister of the State, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has expressed exuberance over the visit of one of the most “communally versatile” leaders of all times. Chief Minister of the State, while attempting exact parallelisms between former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the current Prime Minister, went on record to say that Modi’s visit to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will usher in a an era of peace and development in the state – the visit will “echo similar emotions and provide the much-needed impetus to the development agenda of the coalition government”, were his exact words. The emphasis here can virtually be ascribed to the “much needed impetus to the development agenda of the coalition government.

Even though “rumours” are rife that the Prime Minister will announce a huge, one lakh crore package for the relief and rehab of flood victims even though much of the to be announced package is reviving lapsed budgets for multi-crore “developmental projects” ongoing in the state, what does the Prime Minister of India believe, that Kashmir and its people are up for sale or something. By all means the local ruling political elite is. Well, let us not squarely pin the blame on the Prime Minister of the country who is loaded with Rashtriya Swamyam Sewak (RSS) ideology from head to toe even though he does not speak much about it and that is the very thing that is obtusely striking about Modi, he never denies being party to the ongoing fascist regime in India, which makes him all too criminal for a democratic country like India.

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has also spun the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister in such a manner that it sounds emblematic of tolerance and communal acrimony. Mufti has went too far with his exuberance over the Prime Minister’s visit to Kashmir by opining that the agenda of the Bhartiya Jananta Party in alliance with the PDP is to “integrate the people of the three regions and bridge the gap between the state and the rest of the country.” Now that statement of the Chief Minister is quite a laugh in itself and I guess he had beef for lunch before doling out his politically profane sentimentalism vis-à-vis his alliance with the BJP.

Kashmir is cold, not because of the early onset of the winter, but because of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s virtuoso relapses into sucking the blood of the Kashmiri people and carving a political niche for himself by indulging in unprecedented acts like joining hands with the most communal political party of the country while he is at it. His “mentor”, Narendra Modi is not welcome here one because of the fact that the policies of his government have turned out to be anti-Kashmir from day one and second because having been elected to the highest seat of power in India he is hand-in-glove with his own mentors, the RSS brigade, which has turned India into a shame of a nation, where secularism, freedom of speech and the rest of the rights have hit a nihilistic note. Modi is not welcome into Kashmir because he did not say anything, rather apologize, over the Dadri lynching case, the cold-blooded murder of Zahid, the truck driver from Kashmir who was set ablaze alive by Hindu fascist forces in Jammu region of the state and the hundreds of thousands of other such crimes which have been perpetrated against minorities in India.


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