‘INDIA’ Will Defeat NDA In 2024 Elections: G A Mir


SRINAGAR: INDIA will defeat NDA in 2024 LS elections and in the upcoming assembly elections in different States, Congress Working Committee Member Ghulam Ahmad Mir on Sunday said that dictatorship, assault on parliamentary democracy are unacceptable to the Nation.

“The propaganda campaign against ‘I N D I A’ would not alter the reality or conceal what he perceives as the NDA’s failures and detrimental policies,” Mir asserted. He accused the NDA of being responsible for rampant unemployment, the misappropriation of public funds, and an undue focus on empowering select corporates associated with the NDA, often at the expense of the nation’s and the public’s interests.

Speaking at a joint meeting of the public and party workers in Kokernag area of South Kashmir, Mir received a warm reception after becoming a member of Congress party’s highest decision-making body, the CWC.

During his address, Ghulam Ahmad Mir stated that it is evident the NDA is growing increasingly desperate in anticipation of their impending defeat, which, in his view, will be at the hands of ‘I N D I A,’ representing the aspirations of 1.40 crore (140 million) Indians.

He claimed that the ruling NDA has pushed the public into darkness, and they are yearning for change. The ‘INDIA’ alliance, according to Mir, will bring about positive change, prosperity, and equal development for all Indians.

Mir emphasised that ‘INDIA’ is not just an alliance but a revolution, strong enough to extricate the nation from what he described as the morass, darkness, coercion, and vendetta politics unleashed by the NDA in pursuit of power. He insisted that the nation eagerly anticipates change, including economic stability, employment opportunities, safety from internal and external threats, and more. The alliance, he stressed, was established to address these concerns. He expressed deep concern about the assault on parliamentary democracy and other democratic institutions, vowing that ‘I N D I A’ would ensure they are no longer undermined or manipulated by the NDA for the sake of retaining power or suppressing genuine public voices.

Mir went on to assert that the NDA’s desperation and fear of defeat are palpable, as they resort to diverting public attention from real issues and adopting various tactics to salvage flawed policies to avoid electoral loss. However, Mir expressed unwavering confidence that ‘I N D I A’ will overcome all challenges and secure victory over the NDA.

The event saw the participation of several prominent leaders and representatives, including DCC President Ali Mohd Mantoo, Mohd Iqbal Mir, Gh Hassan Bhat, Manzoor Ahmad Rather (BP Kokernag), Mohd Saleem Ganie (BP Sagam), Majid Chowdhary (BP Larnoo), and various other leaders and frontal organizations. Moreover, scores of prominent political activists from different parties also joined the INC during the occasion.


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