Inquiry Launched Into Alleged Embezzlement In JK Health Department


SRINAGAR: In a significant development, Arshid Ahmad Dhobi has filed a complaint alleging fraud and embezzlement within the Directorate of Family Welfare, Maternal and Child Health, and Immunisation in Jammu and Kashmir.

To address these allegations, Dr Shafqat Khan, the Additional Mission Director of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission in Jammu and Kashmir, has been appointed as the Inquiry Officer. Dr Khan’s mandate is to thoroughly investigate the matter in accordance with Dhobi’s complaint, which was submitted to the General Administration Department.

The ongoing inquiry revolves around a series of crucial objectives aimed at uncovering the truth regarding the allegations made by Dhobi.

Firstly, the inquiry seeks to determine the precise designation held by Arshid Ahmad Dhobi at the time of his initial appointment, shedding light on his official role within the organisation.

Secondly, a thorough investigation is underway to delve into the circumstances surrounding the loss of Arshid Ahmad Dhobi’s service book, a critical document in his employment history.

Additionally, the inquiry aims to establish whether a First Information Report (FIR) was filed by the Designated Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) responsible for overseeing Dhobi’s service book, providing insights into the official response to the document’s loss.

Furthermore, the examination delves into whether Mr. Arshid Ahmad Dhobi sought prior permission from the Government before appearing in a matriculation examination while being in active service, ensuring adherence to relevant protocols.

Lastly, the inquiry investigates the actions taken against Zahoor Ahmad Chasti, Senior Assistant, and Mushtaq Ahmad Parray, who served as In-charge of Joint Health Institutions (JHI). These individuals are under scrutiny for their roles in the misplacement of Dhobi’s service book, as determined by a committee operating at the Directorate level.

The Inquiry Officer is under obligation to submit a comprehensive report to the Administrative Department within one month from the date of this order, adhering to established procedures for such cases.


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