‘Intelligence heads enjoy from sufferings of Kashmiris’: Er Rasheed


Appealing Indian and Pakistani security and intelligence agencies to take notice of sufferings of Kashmiris and stop misleading their respective governments, independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Friday said that book co-authored by former Raw Chief A S Dulat and former ISI Chief Durani has raised many questions and also answered many.

The spokesman said it is strange that the two former intelligence heads are now revealing almost all that what they would have done during their tenure through overt and covert operations. It is known to all that Kashmiris have been the worst victims of not only the conflict but the tug of war between the powerful agencies of two countries and are often being labelled as anti-movements and anti-nationals by the proxies of agencies which people like Dulat and Durani use to head.

No Kashmiri is against track two diplomacy and they understand better the significance of talks, peaceful resolution of the dispute and respecting each other’s viewpoint but have a right to know that why do politicians, army generals and intelligence chiefs talk peace and resolution only when they retire from the services.

May Manmohan Singh, Yashwant Senha and Farooq Abdullah answer why couldn’t they understand the significance of peace and resolution to Kashmir dispute when there were busy in bulldozing the aspirations and sentiments of Kashmiris with help of people like Dulat.

Rasheed added that unfortunately even track two diplomacies is becoming an industry for those who want to maintain status quo and avoid a resolution. He said that Kashmiris must understand that if people like Dulat and Durani can be co-authors of a book revealing how they added salt to the injuries of Kashmiris from time to time, their friends and foes have their own agenda and Kashmiris do come next to that.

“Let Kashmiris decide if Dulat doesn’t become anti-national nor becomes Durani anti-movement despite being most powerful men of their times while handling Kashmir, how could Kashmiris become traitors if they talk to each other and find ways to resolve Kashmir dispute forever, the spokesman quoted Rasheed saying.

He said it is high time for Kashmiri leadership to end the meaningless terms like ‘mainstream’ and ‘separatist’ and learn lessons from the co-authors like Dulat and  Durani, otherwise, they will continue to die and suffer but their every cry will go unheard. Rasheed criticized Farooq Abdullah for his proposal on occasion of the book release in New Delhi of maintaining status-quo on both the sides of LOC and said that it is unfortunate that Dr Farooq neither shows consistency nor understands that Kashmiris have not sacrificed for maintaining the status-quo.


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