Islamabad: Walnut Trees Being Cut Down in Broad Day Light

Aakash Hassan


KL Image by special arrangement.
KL Image by special arrangement.

Despite legal ban, walnut trees are being cut down in South Kashmir’s Islamabad district.

In Wanihama area of the district, at least four walnut trees were cut down in broad day light on Wednesday.

However, officials were seen ‘quiescent’ and “had no information regarding the grace violation of laws”.

When contacted, Tehsildar Islamabad, Gh Rasool Bhat, said, “we are unaware of any such act and no permission has been granted from our office.” “We will inquire about this matter with no delay and make sure that violators of law are brought to book,” he assured.

However, the group who were allegedly involved in the cutting down of the walnut trees had revealed that the “permission” to cut down the trees was “issued from Tehsildar Office”.

Notable to mention here, walnut sales from Kashmir this year are all time low because of the procurement of walnut from America. More so, the state horticulture department has finally decided to issue a certificate decalring Kashmir walnut as ‘organic’.

(Aakash Hassan is an Intern with Kashmir Life.)


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