Jhelum approaching danger mark at Sangam


The water levels in river Jhelum is flowing above alarm level at Sangam while as at Ram Munshibagh the gauge reading is increasing.

The gauge reading of the river Jehlem has been consistently rising, creating panic among the residents and the fear of flood is once again knocking at the doors.

The gauge reading of the river Jehlem at the Sangam is increasing and at 5 pm it was recorded as 20.44 ft while as the gauge reading at Ram Munshi Bagh at around the same time was recorded as 12.35 ft. The gauge reading at Asham around the same time was recorded as 4.5 ft.

The gauge reading of the tributaries of Jehlem at 5 pm was recorded as; Vishow Nallah at Khudwani = 9.21 m, Rambiyara Nallah at Vachi = 3.32 m and Lidder Nallah at Batkoot =  1.68 m

The Irrigation and Flood Control Department has asked people residing near streams in south Kashmir to remain vigilant.

In view of precipitation, forecast and rise in water levels the habitations residing along tributaries (nallahs) of south Kashmir, especially Vishow Nallah, Lidder Nallah, are advised to remain vigilant during the day and also at night today to avoid any sudden flood damages, the department said.



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