JK Ranji Team ‘humiliated’ by police

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All is not well with the Jammau and Kashmir’s Ranji Trophy team in Jammu allegedly after “humiliating” treatment given to them by the state police during Tuesday night.

The hotel where the team has put up was cordoned by the police during midnight. “The hotel was searched and the players were questioned for hours together,” wrote Samiullah Beig, a team member on a social networking site, facebook.

Beig has written, “We were questioned from 1.15am for hours altogether. We still feel the shock and horror of finding the uniformed men with guns surrounding us when we were fast asleep.”

The team members had not locked their door before sleeping as they say only Ranji team members were present in hotel.

“Whether deliberate harassment or routine checkup surely this isn’t the way to treat bunch of guys with national and international repute, especially when u r playing the most important match of the JK cricket history,” writes Beig.

The incident happened just hours before the team was going to perform for their qualification in the quarter finals. The members are feeling humiliated and say it was a ‘deliberate attempt’ of harassment.

The team members are apprehending that the incident may affect their performance in the match today.

“Honestly I am not expecting any wonders today, we may easily lose the game and hence the chances of our qualification to the quarterfinals may vanish,” apprehends Beig.

Meanwhile Rajesh Kumar, Inspector General of Police, Jammu, has told local media that it was a ‘routine’ exercise in view of the coming India’s Republic Day celebrations.

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