JVC’s Ground Floor Inundated, Lift System Also Goes Out of Gear; Patients, Attendants Suffer


SRINAGAR: Amid incessant rains, the ground floor of JVC Hospital in Bemina has got water-logged even as several low lying areas in outskirts of summer-capital Srinagar are witnessing inundation.

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Quoting attendants at JVC Hospital news agency GNS reported that ground floor of the hospital has got inundated even as more water was seeping into the compound area.

They said that presence of water inside the hospital building and its premises have made it highly difficult for them to move around. “We are unable to procure the required medicines”, an attendant said.

Another attendant said that the lift system at the hospital has also gone defunct. “The lift system isn’t working at the hospital, making it even more difficult to move”, he said.

When contacted, Medical Superintendent JVC Hospital Dr Shifa Deva said that water has got accumulated inside the hospital compound. “This is low lying area and water does enter the hospital every time it rains heavily,” she said.

“Men and machinery are on job to remove the water,” she said, adding, “It will recede when rains stop.”

Regarding the lift system, the Medical Superintendent said the lift system is not working from yesterday as the mother board has developed some snag. “We have asked for a (mother) board from outside and the issue will be possibly fixed soon.”

“We are on it and will do every possible thing to help the patients,” she further said.

Meanwhile, several low-lying areas including HMT, Zainakote, Bemina and other adjacent areas are reportedly witnessing deluge like situation amid incessant rains.


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