SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has reiterated that an essential escalation in power curtailment measures is underway due to restricted power availability and related constraints.

The corporation emphasized that this decision, considered crucial for upholding grid discipline and preventing the risk of major trunk line failures and extensive blackouts.

Assuring the public of a relaxation in restrictions once power availability improves, KPDCL has urged consumers to refrain from power theft and adopt responsible electricity usage practices. The recent surge in power demand coupled with limitations in supply has forced utilities to implement stricter curtailment protocols.

These measures entail regulated reductions in electricity supply to certain areas during peak demand hours, aimed at balancing the grid load and preventing system overloads.

Officials emphasize that while the current situation necessitates stringent curtailment measures, efforts are underway to alleviate the strain on the power infrastructure. They assure the public that restrictions will be eased gradually as power availability improves.

The KPDCL urged the public to cooperate by refraining from power theft and adopting responsible electricity usage practices. They underscore the importance of conserving energy and utilizing resources judiciously to alleviate pressure on the grid.

The implementation of these measures underscores the collective responsibility of both authorities and citizens in ensuring the stability and reliability of the power grid. “By adhering to guidelines and exercising prudence in energy consumption, communities can help mitigate the effects of power curtailment and contribute to the resilience of the electrical infrastructure,” KPDCL said.

Meanwhile the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has issued a stern advisory to all its consumers, urging them to clear their pending electricity bills to avoid disconnection of power supply.

The announcement comes as the utility company initiates a disconnection drive, the first of its kind in many years, aimed at addressing the mounting backlog of unpaid bills.

With a significant number of consumers failing to settle their electricity dues, KPDCL has been compelled to take stringent measures to recover outstanding payments and ensure the financial sustainability of its operations.

Officials from KPDCL emphasize the importance of timely bill payments in maintaining uninterrupted power supply and sustaining essential services. “Failure to settle outstanding bills not only disrupts the revenue stream crucial for operational expenses but also undermines the reliability of the power distribution network.

Consumers are urged to take immediate action to clear their pending electricity bills to avoid inconvenience and potential disconnection of power supply. KPDCL has facilitated multiple payment channels, including online platforms, designated payment centers, and mobile banking services, to facilitate ease of payment and ensure accessibility for all consumers,” the KPDCL said.

The disconnection drive underscores the necessity of responsible electricity consumption and adherence to payment obligations by consumers. Consumers are encouraged to reach out to the utility company for any queries or assistance regarding bill payments and related matters. (KNS)


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