Fahyeem ul nisa
Minto Circle School

I think in a blink

Don’t know how I summon up

In a gist of time

As you wave your hand

I felt the heat from klin

Be it, as it had been thou;

I got there or never seen, how!

Often myself! Seldom I realize

I have the pain & need to relax

Soothness don’t know how it is to me;

I never eageared for that,

What I can’t get and I couldn’t see

It’s not that! What is real to me

It’s what I believe divinely

Neither the angels nor the genius

Never the saitan nay the pheniox

I belong to human all in common

I do believe God and little of omen!

Extraordinary things warned thee

Outstanding words governed nee

Could I ever get that piece of land

That I ever dreamt and ever thought and;

Though somewhere in core insight,

There is a place giving birth to flight

I lack belief, thought are pseudo

Far gone I, grown thou here

My weaknesses the same, my only fear”

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