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MLA Langate Engineer Rashid has said Muftis comments that BJP and PDP forming alliance is like ‘meeting of north pole and south pole’ is ‘mere cruel joke’ as Mufti or anybody can’t change the universal fact that “like poles repel and unlike poles attract.”

Rashid stated that by saying this Mufti is trying to giving cover to the fact that PDP and BJP are similar poles and in fact it is like a very small stream joining a river and culminating into its ultimate destination.

Rashid called the Common Minimum Programme of PDP- BJP as a “complete surrender” by PDP and termed it as “a document of  farce.”

“Be it on all important issue of granting citizenship rights to West Pakistan Refugees or the revocation of AFSPA, Mufti Sayeed and PDP have hands down surrendered to Saffron brigade and the Common Minimum Programme that has come to fore is a clear indication that PDP has compromised on everything for the sake of power,” Rashid said.

Rashid further added that  that Pakistan, Militants or Hurriyat do not need anybody including Mufti Sayeed’s  help for resumption of dialogue with India . “In fact these dialogues have yielded nothing except diluting the basics of Kashmir disputed and strengthening New Delhi’s viewpoint.”



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