Local bidders happy to do what ‘oppressor’ is scared to do: Geelani

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Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani Friday said that a long chain of Abdullah’s, Mufti’s, Drabu’s and Nayeem’s is more than happy to do what even the oppressor himself is scared to do.

The octogenarian leader said that for us as a nation the only way of getting rid of the occupation, political waywardness and uncertainty and to come out of killing fields is to collectively, consciously and with determination, pursue the path of freedom, otherwise our killers and their masters are hell-bent upon burying us deep into the soil to safeguard their interests.

He said, in a statement issued here, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is directly ruled, rather over-ruled, by Sangh Parivar, sitting in Delhi and local henchmen, even if they want, have no authority or say in any of the affairs.

While condemning the re-arrest of senior Hurriyat leader and chairperson of Muslim league, Masarat Alam, Geelani said that our apprehensions that fate of abashment of 34th PSA will not be different from the previous ones and re-arrest of Masarat Alam proved it right, beyond doubt.

The Hurriyat patriarch said that in this place of “deaf and dumb”, we are facing this lawlessness for last 70 years and the oppressor is bulldozing every move which they think can be detrimental in challenging their authority, be it from these “stooges” or from the elite judicial houses.

“Those with tall claims of democracy and upholding the ethos of law and judiciary molest these institutions themselves. So-called intellectuals and sharp minds are mortgaged for the high executive posts, but any sane person can laugh at their intellect.”

Geelani questioned as to how can a person in jail be prosecuted and punished for just meeting any person and charged for hatching conspiracy and fuel the uprising, outside his domain.

“Authorities themselves make a mockery of their own system as the four walled cells of prison; the physical separation from the masses also fails to dent the resolve of any person. Such malicious downhill attempts has made even the judiciary just a tool in the cruel machination of the rulers. Although courts ought to ensure the implementation of their orders and at least ask their bureaucracy that how can a person be charged for offence committed on the date and day he is already in the custody, but we know that in the unique land of literate, illiterates, even questioning the mighty executives, invites hardships.”

Geelani said that these fertile & contented brains have always proudly played the role of supporting crutches to the draggers’ shrapnel, making the whole populace to bear its burnt for decades, be it the ruthless men in uniform, calming to establish the law and order, exemplary pass outs of the competitive services examinations with the pseudo pledges of serving their people or the deceitful slogans of “healing touch” by the shameless political vultures.

“Now the judicial tsunami is all set to threaten the roots of our existence, culture, identity, social fabric and even our religion. With each passing day a sheath of our existence is pulled down to expose us to the missiles of the majority with a clear and loud massage of Hindutva and these belly cantered and power lusty local faces provide every dragger to their, masters.”


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