Arshid Malik

The stipulation for a peaceful Kashmir is far from meeting the basic requirements, which in other words means that the Valley is in deep chaos right now to the extent that the common man’s staple dietary vegetable, i.e., “Kashmiri Saag” (Haak) is being sold at 80 to 100 rupees per kilogram. Extortion is touching unprecedented highswhile extermination is the order of the day with scores of Kashmiris being mowed down every day – the latest being the cold-blooded murder of 3-year-old Burhan.Constructions are on,violating municipal building norms enmasse. Residential areas are being commercialized at the whim of some wealthy people while the rest of the community suffers. Drainage is bad and a shower that lasts only 20 or so minutes inundates roads since the latter are deeply dilapidated.Traffic is a mess. Education sector is no better. Horticulture, agriculture, floriculture, apiculture and whatnot is a mess, not to speak of the razed expectations of the flood-affected people of the Valley. This and more is prima facie evidence of the failures of the governing regime in Kashmir. To make matters worse the ruling PDP is bowing to every gesture of the RSS-powered Bharitya Janata Party and the latest relegation of this despotic regime has touched the religious sentiments of the people of Kashmir.

What on earth is the BJP bewildered PDP thinking? Since they assumed power they have least cared about the welfare of the people except for paying crafty lip-service. The truth is that PDP’s coming to power with the backing and support of a corrupt and fascist partyspelt disaster for Kashmir. Howsoever hard PDP might try, it has lost the support of the people but there is little that the people can do about it except sit and wait for the coalition to fall flat on its face or take to the streets and get mowed down like cattle.

It is disgusting to even comprehend that the Peoples Democratic Party is doing everything to please its alliance partner and thereof stay in proper power.The whole agenda of the PDP-BJP coalition is a statutory motif of anti-people policies. During the rule of the previous regional political party of Kashmir, the National Conference there might have been corruption, scams and bungling, but there was always room for dissent – people were not butchered in broad day light. My analysis of the past two regimes, one headed by Omar Abdullah and the current one headed by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed tells me that howsoever bad the previous regime might have been but it did not tear the society of Kashmir to tatters the way the present coalition is doing. I as a Kashmiri, as a rational analyst, as a conscientious citizen, as a common man attach more affection to the regional party of Kashmir the National Conference even though while it was in power I might have opposed it tooth and nail which as a matter of fact is and was needed. As for the PDP its roots run deep into the “Hinduvta Fabric” of the altered political domain and agenda of India starting right from the point where Mufti Mohammed Sayeed was the Home Minister of India in the V.P.Singh cabinet, and even though he had only a brief stint of less than an year (December 1989 to November 1990) it was negatively eventuating as related to Kashmir affairs even then. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed might have come a long way since then and exacted power in the State multiple number of times but his words are always peculiarly different than his actions and he always “manages” to rub Kashmir the wrong way and create a “Messopotamia”.


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