Kishtwar 3

by Asif Iqbal Naik

KL News Network


In order to take punitive action against the officials allegedly involved in misappropriation and misuse of Waqf funds in the name of various constructions in violation of the rules and regulation, administrator Auqaf Islamia Kishtwar Dr Tariq Tamken constituted two committees for probing the allegations.

One committee headed by retired ADDC Kishtwar Raiz Ahmed Zarger will probe misappropriation of funds on construction works. Other committee will be headed by retired Medical Superintendent District Hospital Kishtwar Dr Ghulam Mohammad Naqeeb who will probe the bungling and misappropriation of Zeyarat offerings by the employees.

Details available suggest the first committee was constituted vide order No. AWS/KTW/2016/736-45 to be headed by Raiz Ahmed Zarger as Chairman while Naiz Ahmed Dev, Dr Ghulam Mohammad Naqeeb, Ghulam Hussain Naik, Fareed Mustafa Shah and Ishtaq Ahmed Zarger will be its members. They have been asked to properly evaluate the construction at different places of Waqaf / Ziyarat.

Dr Ghulam Mohammad Naqeeb led committee has Raiz Ahmed Zarger, Naiz Ahmed Dev, Abdul Rashid Giri and Fareed Mustafa Shah as its members.

“A committee for verification of the work and conduct of officials working in the Waqaf/Ziyarats during the time of holding the charge as Chief Supervisor in the incumbency of Bashir Ahmed Shah is hereby framed to check the complaints and action taken by him, so that proper action could be taken against such officials if found guilty or otherwise so that proper picture could come to light for their retention in the establishment” read the order No. AWS/KTW/2016/746-54 issued by the administrator.  Both the committees had been requested to submit its report in 15 days.

It is pertinent to mention that funds to the tune of several lakhs were spent on unplanned construction on the name of Waqf Ziyarats without taking the approval of Waqf Counsel Jammu and Kashmir by the former administrator Auqaf Islamia Kishtwar early this year. The construction was allegedly carried by the close associates of the former administrator who according to sources had no experience in construction work while at the same time there was allegation of misappropriation of the funds as well as carrying out the sub standard construction work.

The sources further informed that huge amounts were embezzled by its employees, some even sold some Chadars in open market. The sources said that newly posted administrator who is facing financial crises to run the 111 year old Islamia Fareediya School is also likely to take action against some of the offering collectors who were caught on CCTV for embezzlement of offerings offered by the pilgrims at the Shrines of 17th Century Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Mohammad Fareed Ud din Baghdadi (RTA) and Hazrat Shah Mohammad Asrar Ud din Baghdadi (RTA).


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