NC lawmaker says “Kashmir militants die as martyr”

Tahir Bhat


Senior National Conference Legislator and MLA HabaKadal Shameema Firdous on Tuesday termed the youth who joined militants as a martyr’s.

While speaking on the discussion on Motion of Thanks on Governors Address in the legislative assembly, Shameema called the killing of militants as “murder” saying today’s militants are young, untrained boys and forces show no mercy towards them and said that they had attained martyrdom while fighting.

“Kashmiri’s will continue to pick up guns and sacrifice their lives until the issue is resolved,” she said.

She took a dig at the government for giving free hand to forces and launching CASO.”The lives of Kashmiri’s has become miserable due to continuous harassment, ransacking of properties, blowing up structures.”

She said that the government has lost control and turned the state into shambles and adding that “you are playing with fire.”

She criticized the voices that celebrated the killing of militants.”People are talking about militant killings and celebrating like the score in a sport but it is unfortunate.”

“It indicates that government has failed in every sense. They can’t control the situation, then how they can run a state”, she Questioned.

She said that government can’t understand the feelings of people and adding that “if these incidents may happen with their own loved ones, then only they can realize the agony.”

BJP members continued to interrupt Shameema during her speech but she didn’t stop.



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