New Delhi Deceived People Of Kashmir: Sheikh Nazir

KL Report


Terming ‘deception’ on part of New Delhi as the reason behind people having lost faith in democracy, National Conference General Secretary Sheikh Nazir Ahmad said that autonomy is the only solution to the Kashmir issue. Another senior NC leader and Rural Development Minister, Ali Mohammad Sagar said that no compromise is possible over Autonomy.

Alleging that New Delhi has deceived people of Kashmir Sheikh Nazir said that it is because of this deception that people have lost faith in democracy. “NC is the pioneer and torchbearer of the movement and autonomy is the only solution of Kashmir Issue and will be bring to its logical goal”, said Sheikh Nazir while addressing the Party meeting at Nawai Subah on Tuesday.

Admitting that both NC and Congress have its own separate political agenda’s, NC Senior Leader Ali Mohammad Sagar said that NC is fighting for the autonomy and there was no question of the party compromising on it. “NC is not only supporter of Autonomy but is also fighting for its restoration”, said Sagar while talking to media persons at the sidelines of the function.

On seeking of public opinion on the issue, Sagar said, “Sageer report has recommended autonomy while the interlocutors have also advocated autonomy in their report.”


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