NIA raids on Kashmir businessmen were rumours

SRINAGAR: That news could be wrong in Kashmir but not rumours had a clear shift on Saturday. Rumours were so strong that they became news but eventually proved just rumours!

When NIA started raiding targets in Kashmir, Sonepat and Delhi, strong rumours flew around that three top businessmen were also raided. Though media in Srinagar did not publish but Delhi media picked it up. The source of the “news” is still not known but three names were mentioned. By evening, it proved damp squib.

“Till around noon, I was home, and then I moved uptown and spent the day in my office,” Feroz Ahmad of al-Khudam told Kashmir Life. “Then I came to know I was raided but I did not know.” He said some TV channel in Delhi ran the news. He said he does not know why he could have been raided in the fdirst instance.

Prior to him Manzoor Wangnu, another businessman in tour, travel and handicrafts had clarified that none of his premises was raided by any security agency. “NIA team never raided my residence,” Wangnoo told Greater Kashmir. “I don’t understand what kind of journalism these news channels are practicing.”

Hotelier Mushtaq Chaya was the first to react to the “news” of the TV channel. “NIA team hasn’t raided my residence as some TV channels are reporting,” Chaya was quoted saying. “These channels are spreading lies.”

These businesses whose names were mentioned by the TV channel are considering a legal recourse against these channels.

NIA carried out a series of raids on various premises, mostly belonging to the separatist leaders. The agency has reported recover of some money too.

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