No distinction between NC and PDP: Geelani

SRINAGAR: With most of its members restricted to their homes, Hurriyat (g) on Sunday said it does not make any distinction between NC , PDP and other pro-India political parties. He said the two parties – PDP and NC, just have role shifts.

“NC is currently playing the same card that PDP is used to play,” the separatist alliance said in a statement, with emphasis on poll boycott. “They talk about autonomy, self role and sometimes shout slogans for Azaadi too.”

“NC for a long time used green handkerchief and then used Pakistani rock salt,” the statement said, “Then PDP came with a green flag carrying pen and the inkpot.” The pen and inkpot were the electoral symbol of erstwhile Muslim United Front (MUF).

The party said that the two parties have been “misleading” people for a long time but their target has invariably remained the throne. Dr Farooq, sometimes, has even announcing his entry into Hurriyat and sometimes saying that the militants are fighting for a cause.

“Right now, they (NC) are talking about the anti-Muslim policies of RSS and BJP but till yesterday they were their allies,” the statement said, “Even Omar Abdullah was a minister in BJP government.” Same was the case with PDP. “At the time of elections, it behaved as if it had the support of Azaadi camp and projected itself as the supporter of Kashmir but once the elections were over, its hypocrisy got exposed when it allied with the BKJ,” the statement added.

Geelani was quoted by the statement saying that all the pro-Indian parties in J&K are supportive of status quo and have the power as their ultimate objective. “These parties have deceived Kashmir for 70 years,” the statement said, “They seek votes for Bijli Pani and end up strengthening India.”

Besides, Geelani condemned the continued house arrest of Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and formal detention of JKLF leader Mohammad Yasin Malik. He said Ashraf Sehraie, Ashraf Laya, Pir Saifullah and Merajuddin have also been kept under house arrest.


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