‘Nobody Can Stop Me from Eating Beef,’ says Legislator Karbalai



Congress legislator from Kargil Asghar Ali Karbalai shortly after the adjournment of the House on Monday said that he is in favour of scrapping the ‘redundant’ sections of RPC that prohibits sale and consumption of beef in Jammu and Kashmir. “I do eat beef and nobody can stop me from doing so,” Karbalai told CNS adding, “no ‘enforced’ law in the state can prevent the people of Kargil from consuming beef.”

“If you want to know my views about the beef ban then listen, I eat beef and I am with the people who oppose the implementation of beef ban in the state,” he said.

Former Speaker Mubarak Gul said that the incumbent Speaker Kavindar Gupta is totally biased who is consulting the government before entering into the House. “Law makers have right to discuss any damn subject while the Speaker is duty bound to allow discussions. It is really sorry to state that the present Speaker terms himself as an RSS man and has been preventing legislators to discuss issues of public interest,” Gul said.


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