SRINAGAR: In Jammu and Kashmir, more than 2600 teachers possess qualifications below the secondary level and instruct students across all tiers. Notably, among this group, over 1700 teachers are responsible for guiding primary-level classes.

As per the news agency KNO, official data discloses that a total of 2685 teachers with qualifications below the secondary level are engaged in teaching students across various levels. The data further reveals that within the pre-primary educational tier across Jammu and Kashmir, at least 276 such teachers are involved in instructing students.

Furthermore, it is indicated that more than 66 percent of these teachers, amounting to 1773 individuals, are engaged in teaching students at the primary level. Official statistics say that 540 teachers operate at the upper primary level, followed by 88 teachers at the secondary level, and eight teachers at the higher secondary level.

Meanwhile, an anonymous government teacher said, “As per government norms, a person should hold a minimum of a graduate degree to be eligible for teaching students, regardless of the educational level, be it primary, upper primary, or secondary.”

The teacher added that whether these teachers belong to government or private schools, “I believe they should enhance their qualifications to improve their teaching abilities and ensure that students do not suffer.”

In 2021, the Government of India (GoI) stated that over 2000 ‘untrained’ teachers working in Government Secondary Schools in Jammu and Kashmir lack the necessary professional qualifications for teaching students.

During a Project Approval Board Meeting (PAB) for 2021-22 attended by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the GoI and officials from Jammu and Kashmir earlier this year, it was stated, “There are 2061 untrained teachers in Government Secondary Schools, as per UDISE 2018-19, who do not meet the required professional qualifications.”

During the meeting, the GoI advised the Jammu and Kashmir government to implement a policy that would facilitate the enrollment of such teachers in teacher education institutions to complete the necessary professional courses, notwithstanding their minimum qualifications.

“The training of all untrained teachers is essential to ensure compliance with the regulations of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE),” emphasized the GoI.

Furthermore, the GoI informed the JK government that in the current year, all remaining untrained teachers, masters, and lecturers from the School Education Department would be enrolled in the B.ed course through IGNOU.


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