PAGD Fighting Discrimination Being Meted Out To People Of J&K: Dr Kamal

SRINAGAR: National Conference on Sunday said people across J&K support People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration on account of representing their genuine political aspirations.

While addressing a public gathering in Rajouri Party’s Additional General Secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said the mainstream political parties teamed up under the leadership of Party President Dr Farooq Abdullah to fight peacefully and constitutionally against wanton discrimination the people of J&k are facing at the hands of New Delhi under BJP rule. “The alliance is emblematic of people’s aspirations and concerns across J&K on account of its democratic moorings. The notion that PAGD is anti-national is unfounded and bogus,” he said.

The PAGD is said is fighting for the restoration for what is there is the constitution itself, he said. “For ruling BJP having two flags in Nagaland is plausible but the same is anti-national in J&K. Having safeguards for jobs and land rights in Himachal, and various northeastern states is also acceptable to it but when it comes to J&K it is not. It is this discrimination that we are fighting against. In the run-up for abrogation and post abrogation, the GOI made much clamor about ensuring that J&k is administered at par with other states and UTs, but ever since the status was abrogated, the actions of the government have proven otherwise.  The successive notifications which have come from GOI post abrogation have put J&K at much lower pedestal than other states, and UTs. Far from administering J&K at par with other states, the GOI has come up with selective and discriminatory laws and supplanted them on 1.25 crore populace without their democratic consent. It is this discrimination the PAGD has taken upon itself to fight out peacefully and constitutionally,” he said.

During his campaign trail the Additional general secretary made stopovers at various places in Rajouri, and interacted with people. He was received enthusiastically by people during the campaign trail. While interacting with the people, he urged them to vote and support PAGD candidates only.


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