SRINAGAR: In order to address the pressing sanitation challenges in rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir, the Directorate of Rural Sanitation, has announced the nomination of Captain Bana Singh, the country’s highest gallantry awardee and Param Vir Chakra recipient, as the ambassador for the “War against Waste” initiative in Jammu and Kashmir.

Param Vir Chakra-Recipient Captain Bana Singh named as Ambassador for War-against-Waste in JK

The announcement came during the ongoing Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS 2023) campaign at the Captain Bana Singh Stadium in RS Pura, Jammu, on Friday. SHS 2023, celebrated from September 15th to October 2nd, aims to mobilise a mass movement through community participation to reinforce the concept of sanitation as everyone’s responsibility, setting the stage for Swachh Bharat Diwas on October 2.

The theme for SHS-2023 is Garbage Free India, with a specific focus on visual cleanliness and the welfare of SafaiMitras (sanitation workers). The campaign targets high-footfall public places such as bus stands, railway stations, cantonment boards, beaches, tourist spots, zoos, national parks, sanctuaries, historical monuments, heritage sites, river fronts, ghats, drains, and nallahs.

The addition of Param Vir Chakra Recipient Captain Bana Singh as its ambassador is expected to raise awareness, promote sustainable practices, and inspire local communities to actively engage in waste reduction and the preservation of Jammu & Kashmir’s natural beauty.

Captain Bana Singh, renowned for his valour and dedication during his distinguished military service, now embarks on a new mission — one dedicated to protecting and preserving the pristine beauty of Jammu and Kashmir by leading the charge against waste and pollution.

In his address to a massive gathering during the SHS 2023 program, Captain Singh expressed his enthusiasm for this new role, stating, “Just as I dedicated my life to defending our country, I am now committed to defending our environment. Jammu and Kashmir’s natural beauty is a national treasure, and we must ensure it remains pristine for generations to come.”

The SHS 2023 programme witnessed the participation of approximately 2000 individuals, including students, athletes, NCC cadets, PRIs, prominent figures from adjoining areas, officials, and shopkeepers. The event featured a Swachhata pledge, followed by a cycle race and painting competition, during which the director honoured the top performers.


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