Parliamentary Panel To Review JK Higher Education System


SRINAGAR: The Standing Committee of Parliament on Education, Women, Children, Youth, and Sports, currently on a two-day visit to Kashmir, announced their intention to thoroughly review the higher education system in Jammu and Kashmir.

Rajya Sabha Member, Vivek Thakur, who is also one of the committee members said, “We will assess the entire higher education system in Jammu and Kashmir, including both the central university and state universities.”

“During our visit, we engaged in a detailed discussion regarding the development of sports infrastructure in the region,” Thakur mentioned.

Addressing reporters, the MP expressed confidence in the remarkable progress occurring in Kashmir, particularly in the fields of education and sports. He remarked, “It is among the best in the country, and I can state this with assurance. The infrastructure that has been established even in the remotest areas of Kashmir was unimaginable just a few years ago.”

Thakur mentioned that on Friday, the standing committee held a meeting in Srinagar, with another meeting scheduled for Saturday in Gulmarg.

“We, as members of parliament, are here to appreciate the skilled artisans of Kashmir. We have presented a small token of appreciation to these artisans because we are delighted to witness the craftsmanship of Kashmir,” Thakur added.

He continued, “We aim to encourage artisans to carry forward their legacy. I visited this region two years ago, and I genuinely believe that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are content and proud.” (KNO)


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