PDP Protests Removal Of Import Duties On American Apples


SRINAGAR: The Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) staged a protest on Wednesday against the abolition of import duties on foreign apples, denouncing it as an act of economic adversity inflicted upon the region’s farmers and fruit growers.

Suhail Bukhari, Chief Spokesperson for PDP, conveyed the party’s apprehensions during a media address. He expressed deep concerns regarding the potential repercussions of the recent policy change on the apple industry in Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

“The decision to eliminate import duties would bear severe economic consequences for both regions,” Bukhari said.

Bukhari pointed out that the timing of the Indian government’s decision coincided with the peak apple harvesting season, with prices already experiencing a decline. He recalled the difficulties faced by the fruit industry last year when fruit-laden trucks were halted on highways, leading to a crisis for those associated with the industry.

Bukhari criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its alleged prioritisation of foreign interests over the economic well-being of Jammu & Kashmir, asserting that this move exposed the BJP’s true intentions.

The PDP spokesperson highlighted that the hasty decision by the Indian government would disproportionately affect local growers, particularly in J&K, which has already been grappling with substantial losses since 2019.

Terming this decision as a grave injustice, he remarked, “In order to appease Americans and other foreign nations, the central government has turned a blind eye to its own people who are in dire need of assistance to overcome severe economic crises. It appears that the Indian government is more concerned about foreign interests than the well-being of its own citizens who will suffer the most from this decision.”

Bukhari urged the Indian government to reconsider its decision and provide relief to all fruit growers in J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and other affected regions.


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