PDP Smell Rat In Geelani’s Release

KL Report


Smelling rat in the recent release of Huriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani, Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Wednesday said that speculations galore that Geelani was released by the government to serve its own political  interest.

Talking to a local news agency, KNS, Naeem Akhtar, MLC and the chief spokesman of PDP accused National Conference (NC) of playing ‘dirty politics’ and claimed that PDP believes in ‘fair’ contest.

“Apprehensions are there and many people believe that perhaps Geelani was released only because National conference (NC) is benefited by his poll boycott campaign,” said Akhtar while adding that people should understand that boycott has never helped them.

Asking people to vote for PDP in the forthcoming polls, the PDP chief spokesman accused that the ‘atrocities’ committed on the people of the state during the NC regime has made them understood that they should change the system of government here.

“It is the people who have to make the choice whether they boycott the polls or vote to change the system,” said Akhtar. He further mentioned that his party hopes that Geelani will not be arrested or confined anymore.

Akhtar further stated that his party, PDP, is glad that Geelani is finally released and that he should be given the peaceful ‘political space’ in future.

When asked whether Geelani should revise his poll boycott strategy, Akhtar said that it is Geelani’s right to do whatever he wants to do politically. “Our party cannot dictate terms to the aged separatist.”


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