PDP Will Disintegrate Before 2014: Rana

KL Desk

Claiming PDP to be at the verge of collapse, political Advisor to the Chief Minister Devender Singh Rana said on Sunday that the PDP would disintegrate much before 2014 elections. Rana was addressing a party workers meeting at Banihal.

He said the tall claims of the PDP and its leadership that they shall be forming the next government in the state is in fact a reflection of their frustration and a desperate attempt to sell false dreams to their party men in a bid to somehow keep their flock together which is already fragmented and is just waiting for the right opportunity to desert the party.

In his address, Rana said that within PDP, there are fissures, intra party contradictions and lack of ideology.
“The crowded stages and empty public stands in the PDP gatherings are a reflection of people not accepting their negative politics”, said Rana. “2014 will be a waterloo for all those who propagate deceit, lies and deception and will be the triumph of truth, integrity and secular ideology,” he added.

Rana urged the people of the state that they should make an independent assessment of the present generation of leadership in the state.

“People will realize Omar Abdullah is the only one who is much above others, who is upright, sincere and honest and is committed to the people of the state,” Rana told workers


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