Pellet Victims – Young Life

Wounds old and new deepen in a generation’s old seemingly endless struggle,
Pellet Victims became a symbol of resistance

Life of pain sounds like some kind of joke,
Oh,joke,Ask pellet victims,they know better what the Real pain is.

Their peacefull sleep has been deprived,
Nightmares of being shot with pellets,
Watching TV,playing with friends,Reading books,that is what they dream.

Physical injuries,eyes blinded what next?
Anxiety,depression,loss of memory because of trauma.

No one knew them ,strangers they were,
But now,they are a symbol of resistance.

Standing close to one another,
Eering silence,listening to heart,
They became one’s own strength.

A life full of stubbornness,
Wires laid everywhere,
Caged like a wingless bird,
They fear in their own country.

Everything is worth the prize,
To survive in the world,
Your futureself is begging you,
The pellet victims,The symbol of Resistance

Mohd Hanief (Hani)


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