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Claim: Rahul Gandhi promises a nationwide ‘financial and institutional‘ survey, following which wealth will be redistributed to minorities.

Fact: The viral video is edited, and the claim is misleading as Gandhi says after the survey, those belonging to OBCs, SCs, STs, economically weaker sections of general castes and minorities will get to know their share.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi addressed party leaders and workers in Srinagar on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

Several social media users are sharing a 42-second video, purportedly showing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, where he says that the party will conduct a “financial and institutional” survey across the country to ascertain who has the wealth, following which it will be redistributed to minorities.

The video went viral against the backdrop of a political row emerging over Gandhi’s redistribution promise, which saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi allege on Sunday that “Congress wanted to confiscate people’s wealth and redistribute it to Muslims”.

The archived version of the tweet can be seen here.

Fact Check

Newschecker first ran a keyword search for “Rahul Gandhi redistribution promise minorities”, which led us to this Times of India report, dated April 7, 2024.

“First, we will conduct a caste census…to know the exact population and status of backward castes, SCs, STs, minorities and other castes. After that, the financial and institutional survey will begin. Subsequently, we will take up the historic assignment to distribute the wealth of India, jobs and other welfare schemes to these sections based on their population,” he reportedly said during the release of the party’s manifesto at a public meeting in Tukkugada, near Hyderabad.

Similar reports on the address can be seen here and here, raising doubts about whether the viral video was misleadingly edited. Newschecker also noticed the viral video seemed to be clipped at certain moments, which further raised our doubts.

A relevant keyword search led us to this YouTube video, live streamed by Rahul Gandhi’s official channel on April 6, 2024, headlined, “Nyay Patra – Congress Manifesto Launch Rally | Hyderabad, Telangana”.

The viral excerpt can be seen from the 31:55 mark, where he says, “We will conduct an X-ray on the country and everything will become clear. Backward classes, Dalits, Adivasis and poor people from the general class and minorities will get to know how much their participation in India is. After this, we will conduct a financial and institutional survey and find out in whose hands is India really in. After this historic move, we will take a revolutionary step…”.

We also came across this News18 report on the ongoing controversy, dated April 22, 2024, referring to the above speech, stating that the Lok Sabha election campaign got heated on Sunday as PM Narendra Modi chose to take on Rahul Gandhi’s April 6 statement in Hyderabad, promising a “financial and institutional survey” for re-distribution of the country’s wealth and jobs.

“We will do a caste census so that the backwards, SCs, STs, poor of general castes and minorities get to know how much they account for in the country. After that, we will do a financial and institutional survey to find who holds the country’s wealth, what section holds it, and then we will undertake revolutionary work. Whatever is your right, we will work on giving you the same. Be it media, bureaucracy, or all institutions — we will create space for you there and give you your right,” Gandhi had reportedly said, which further confirms that the viral video was edited to make it look like he was only referring to minorities, while the claims insinuated that the redistribution exercise would benefit only Muslims.


An edited video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is being circulated with a misleading narrative around his “wealth redistribution” idea.

This story was originally published by Newschecker, as part of the Shakti Collective. Except for the headline this story has not been edited.


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