Rape, a death before she died


Iqra Akhoon
Student of mass communication and journalism

‘‘and I see them leaving,
their foot steps fading, one after the other.
I hear them laugh,
with the blurred faces i hardly recognize,
“are you satisfied?” They ask each other,
while heading towards the door.
And cause the evil gaze before moving forth.
Voices of pain are shackled in my throat,
with every coming day, a new futile hope
that someone would pull me out
by passing the end ofa rope
the days of abduction indeed very scary
my laid numb body and mourns in hush
their every new turn for crush and rush
was waiting for help that never came
god is here, now whom to blame
my naked empty tummy, full with drugs
blurred my vision first
and then caused statisity in legs
a timid paralyzed being gazing high
towards the goddess of potent and power
mourning at my fettled state
where crying in anguish, under their heavy weight
everyday here, i address me in wonder
whom to ask“ whats the matter”?
The lone lost horse my friend in deed
was searching for him, and nowhere to be seen
sure i am,
it must not have been wandering any more
if not me, but saftely it must have reached the home
with the broken wings i tried to fly
but the sound of approaching steps,
would waste my every try
after all those baneful days of my life
i wish i wouldn’t survive
and the day came, you call as death
the girl who was roaming like alice
died not once nor twice
but everytime when she still hears her mother’s cries”.


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