Ratanpuri Accuses His Party For Uncertainity In Kashmir, Says ‘Some NC Leader’s Hand-In-Glove With Saffron Groups

KL Report


ratanStating that the National Conference is responsible for the prevailing uncertainty in Kashmir, Rajya Sabha Member Parliament, G N Ratanpuri Wednesday said that at least one leader within NC ranks are ‘hand in-glove’ with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bajrang Dal.

“Some people blame me of being a man of Delhi but let me say that there are some people in National Conference who have close contact with Bajrang Dal and RSS. My party colleagues have already started distancing themselves from me as I always speak truth,” Rattanpuri told KNS.

He said the National Conference currently has no agenda ‘as the party’s agenda is being sacrificed for one person’. “But I believe that more than persons the party important. Though working President of the party and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah sought my resignation from the party which I have not given yet but let me tell him that he should come out with the reasons and tell me what wrongs I have committed. Does he wants resignation just because I speak the truth?”, asked Ratanpuri.

Launching a scathing attack on NC Additional General Secretary, Mustafa Kamal, Ratanpuri said: “He does not even know what he is doing and saying. No discipline is left in the party as there are people like Mustafa Kamal who create mess through their glib utterances.

When asked whether he will quit National Conference he said” “I will never do that as I always want to serve the people of Kashmir. I will fight for those Kashmiris who have lost their men during the last 22 years in Kashmir turmoil”.

Rattanpuri alleged that except for Dr Farooq Abdullah National Conference leaders have developed vested interest and are using the Kashmir issue to settle personal scores .He demanded that such leaders should be disassociated from the party


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