Recent Administrative Reshuffle Anti-Kashmir: Er Rashid

KL Report


Awami Itihaad Party president (AIP) and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid Wednesday criticized the latest reshuffle in the civil and police administration and alleged it a ploy to harm the basic charter of Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) and Kashmir Police Services (KPS).

“There is a well thought out conspiracy to change the dynamics related to KAS, KPS and state cadre services  and strengthen the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) so has to hurt the basis aspirations of the people of Kashmir,” Rashid said.

He added “These harmful designs are being carried out since the time of Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad from early 60s for personal interests and curb the autonomous status of J&K which has been continued till date and also hurting the Autonomy sprit of J&K.”

“Of late,” Rashid said, “all these moves to scuttle the Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) are being further strengthened and so all the pro-Kashmir voices should fight this tooth and nail.”

“We need to remember history and logic that accession was done with Union of India on the parading that Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) would nourish and no interference of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) in Jammu and Kashmir,” Rashid said.

Fe added that the latest administration changes by Governor reflects gross violation of these norms and when in future a PDP-BJP government takes over that will have excuse that Governor has already laid base for all this.

Rashid vowed that AIP would go all out to preserve the genuine interests of Jammu and Kashmir.


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