RSS Man Doesn’t Deserve to be Speaker: Prof Soz



Former Union Minister Prof Saifuddin Soz, Thursday condemned the assault by BJP MLAs on Independent legislator Er Rashid.

“What happened in J&K Legislative Assembly today is condemnable when Engineer Rashid was assaulted by BJP members. It is so tragic that the speaker has failed to show the respect to the chair he sits in by allowing vandalism and asserting that he was proud to be a diehard RSS man. In my opinion, such a man does not deserve to be a speaker,” he said.

Soz hailed the returning of awards by two luminaries after killing of a Muslim man in UP by a mob over the rumours that he has stored beef at his home.

“We must salute these illustrious sons and daughters of India- Nayantara Sehgal , Ashok Vajpaye, Uday Prakash and six Kanad language writers for returning their Sahatiya Academy and other awards for what they called a vicious assault on India’s culture of diversity, inclusiveness and togetherness,” he said.

“These luminaries have protested that vigorous propagation of Hindutva Ideology has caused onslaught on liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. These luminaries have taken particular notice of the heinous crime committed at Dadri (Noida-UP) where Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched for a mere rumour of the family having beef in the house. All these eminent citizens of India have criticized Prime Minister Modi’s silence on Dadri the same way he had maintained silence on Ghar Wapsi,” he said.

“They have lamented the fact that India was losing its credibility as a secular and liberal democracy.”

He said in the meantime, the President of India, Pranab Mukerjee has made a forth right statement that Indian Nation cannot give a slip to its core values of secularism, democracy and its diversity.

“We must also give some credit to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Chief Minister of J&K State, who urged Modi to break his silence on Dadri which has brought shame to India all over the world.”


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