Saffron Mission

Tasavur Mushtaq

To establish Kashmiri Saffron as a global brand, ministry of agriculture over a period of four years would implement Saffron mission project, ‘Economic revival of J&K Saffron Sector’.

A total Rs 372.06 crore project, comprising of Rs 288.06 crore as government of India’s share and remaining Rs. 85.12 crore as farmer’s contribution is set to enhance the income of farmers and also will help in brand establishment.
This project is believed to address issues like production, productivity and marketing.

To make it a success, the steps to be taken include increasing productivity and quality in area under saffron crop, supply of quality inputs, having proper source of irrigation, and other various procedures like picking flowers at right stage and separating stigma and style in shortest possible time.

Stated in the last concluded session of assembly, the government said that till date Rs. 54.72 crores have been received under the project from central government.


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