Sagar Lashes Out At Goni

KL Report


Coming down heavily on Former political secretary to Dr Farooq Abdullah, Muhammad Aslam Goni, National Conference senior leader Ali Muhammad Sagar Tuesday said that Goni could go to any extent now as he is not a part of NC now.

Sagar told CNS that it is shame for Goni to criticize party leadership at a time when he has joined Congress. “Why he has started moving his tongue now and why he did not utter a word when he was the part of National Conference,” Sagar said.

Sagar said even a layman could understand the motives and designs behind the worthless comments made by Goni. “Even an illiterate would not make such comments as Goni is making these days against our party and its leadership,” he said.

Meanwhile, Planning Minister Ajay Sadhotra told CNS that it would be an insult for him to react over his useless comments. “I don’t think he deserves a reaction as he never occupied a responsible post in our party and further he is not an elected representative,” Sadhotra said.


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