Sahara Desert


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The largest desert in the world has always attracted the attention of the people be it a tourist, a wildlife specialist, a biologist or a scientist form the field of history. Here are some interesting facts about the Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert in Africa is the largest hot desert and the 3rd largest desert after Arctic and Antarctica.

Its area of 9,200,000 square kms and is comparable to the area of China or the US.

The Sahara desert covers large parts of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan & Tunisia.

The desert comprises much of North Africa, the Atlas mountains of the Maghreb, the Nile valley of Egypt and Sudan.

It stretches from the Red Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

There are sand dunes in the Sahara desert as tall as 590 ft.

The highest point in the Sahara Desert is Emi Koussi.

The half of Sahara desert receives less than 0.79 inches of rain each year. However several mountain ranges in the Sahara get snow regularly.

In 1979, snowstorm stopped the traffic in Algeria. It was the first time snow was recorded. It snowed again in 2012 at Algeria.

There are several species of Fox, Antelope, Gazelle, Cheetah, Monitor Lizards, Sand wipers, Wild dogs and Ostrich.

The people who live in Sahara are mostly Nomads.


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