SRINAGAR: Democratic Progressive Azad Party chief spokesperson Salman Nizami on Wednesday met the Palestinian Ambassador Adnan Mohammad Jaber Abualjayhee in New Delhi and extended his support to the Palestinian people following the attacks by Israel over Gaza.

Nizami said that DPAP supports the cause of the Palestinian people and India has also maintained its position on Palestine while supporting the two-state solution. “Mahatma Gandhi also supported a two-state solution and India has since then maintained its position on the same principles,” he said.

Nizami said that DPAP and its chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad also condemned the attack on Gaza. He said Azad is against any war and the ongoing assault on Gaza by Israel. He said the relations between India and Palestine have always been friendly and have historic connections between the two countries which have over time further strengthened the relations.

“Azad has always wanted to improve the relations between Palestine and India. He even repeatedly appealed for peace and a dialogue to settle down the issues between Israel and Palestine,” Nizami said.


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