Searching For God

by Dr. Zeenat Farooq

I searched for him when the lights were dim

And when it was dusk, I ran by the golden husk.

Searching and searching pondering upon my teacher’s preaching

Who had once said, “He, in the white clad, makes you joyous and glad

You could see him my child only if you were not a bit wild”.

Thinking and taking steps very mild, I sat on a plank among the flowers

And then there were gentle showers and the cold breeze blew

Swaying the daisies in the misty hue.

My feet got numb on touching the grass that grew, as it was time for small drops of dew.

Oh no! I had sat there until dawn, which made me take a big yawn.

But where is he? could you tell me Oh sweet tulip or you Oh little daisy

Or should I wait till the stars come and twinkle in the sky. Can my voice reach up so high?

Then a little butterfly in her sweetest tone, asked me a question unknown.

“OH poor girl! What are you searching for?”

Why could not you see him in your childhood toys? why not in the bird;s flight?

And neither you could see him in this beautiful sight? Where everything is testifying his might

The falling water made some sound, as I felt happy that I had finally found

That he is here, there and everywhere….In grass and the beds of roses so rare

He is in the daisies, tulips and the days so bright

He is in the dawn, the dusk and in the golden sunlight

Are you everywhere My Lord?

Then I bent low on my feet, with head bent down on a grassy sheet

I ask for your forgiveness for I see you My Lord

Everyday in me, in others and in the nature’s gifts bestowed by you……..

Author is a Research Fellow at the Department of Biotechnology, University of Kashmir.

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