SRINAGAR:  The Health and Medical Education Department on Monday directed all the concerned heads not to entertain the re-joining applications of the doctors who pursued higher education unauthorizedly. The heads have also been directed to submit the list of such doctors within a period of one week for examination.

“The department while examining the cases of doctors, who pursued higher studies and registrarship unauthorizedly without seeking prior proper permission of the competent authority, observed that the Heads of the Departments are allowing their rejoining after a gap of more than 2-3 years at their own level, which they are, otherwise, not competent to do so,” reads an order.

The order further reads, “All the heads are instructed that the applications of re-joining of the doctors, who have been on an un-authorized absence and are absconding from duties, shall not be entertained by heads at their own level without prior approval of the Administrative Department.”

“The concerned heads shall submit the cases of doctors, who are on unauthorized absence from duties to the Administrative Department within a period of one week for examination. After that, no such cases shall be entertained by the Administrative Department and the concerned HoD shall be responsible for the same in the future,” it reads.

It added that the concerned HoDs shall issue necessary instructions to the field Officers and DDOs under their control to immediately bring the unauthorised absence of any employee or doctor from duties to the notice of concerned HoDs as well as the Administrative Department, otherwise, a disciplinary action as warranted under rules, shall be initiated.

“Accordingly, it is impressed upon all HoDs to strictly adhere to the instructions in letter and spirit,” it added—(KNO)


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