Selling it off

Arshid Malik

I have figured out that it is all about selling – selling yourself, your talent, your whims and fancies, your face, your skills, your art, your everything that can possibly count as everything. Selling is a skill and it is not every one’s cup of “coffee”. Selling is an art in itself and requires a definitive positive attitude, concentration, motivational skills, convincing power and self-affirmation. If you are a seller, you are destined to succeed in life and if you are not I may not be able to comment. And I certainly do not have the time and space for useless synonyms.

It is indescribably difficult to exorcise the ghost of life while you are bizarrely attempting to live it. When you manage to squeeze some life out of the routine that life is you end up visualizing what it should have been like and this never actually takes distinct shape. So the skill that comes in handy is sales, and yes if you are good at it you got it. We come across people of all “varieties” and the successful ones are those who know how to sell.

A poet maybe a gem of a person when he or she is at his or her best but the poems do not end up anywhere in the shape of a book if the person in question does not know how to sell them. When we talk about selling in the wraith of life we do not intend a system of barter but rather an inconclusive pushover, an imposition of sorts that the other is not willing to partake under normal circumstances. A poet is good at what he or she does but does not know how to earn himself an audience or a good reader base then his or her name goes down.

On the other hand there are people who are oddly fitting into the basic parameters of a poet but they hit it big and that is because they know how to sell and sell it well. Now, a poet is a sublime being who creates sublime art and when we can sell something that is too sublime we have earned it. I don’t think I would need any presuppositions to pinpoint or rather sell what I am out to sell – in the exact sense the very idea of selling as a post conceptual.   

I know some people who are great at the art of selling and I mean commodities too. They just know how to pitch it right and I envy them for that for I must accept the fact that I am not a good seller. I am too emotional involved to evolve as a great salesperson even though I know the art to its roots. What actually makes you a good or bad sales person is the thing I just talked about, your level of emotional involvement. If you are too deep into the emotional kiosk then you always walk out buying more than you could ever afford to sell. Good sellers are people who keep their emotions at bay when they are making a sale and when you are not able to contain that you are out to get it.

I have come to understand that going brittle on the selling side is not exactly a trait that you carry since birth but rather a skill that you develop after making a conscious decision to “chisel” people in. I might be using a “bad” word here but believe me there is no other word that fits the description better. Selling involves a certain kind of pathology that is to be groomed.

Once you have a person at hand to whom you intend to make a sale, he or she is the “hunted” and you are the “hunter” and definitively certain predator-like skills come into practise. You know you are going to “hurt” the eventual buyer and once there is no emotional involvement except for you towards your own perceived goals then the “game” is successful. It is bitter psychology and there is no running away from it. I admit for one that I cannot bear to beat the other to a “point of sale” as I am too soft-cored for that kind of stuff.

So, if you count yourself in as a “seller” that does not necessarily imply that you are an out and out bad person but rather that you stand convinced that you want what you want and there are not going to be any “ifs” and “buts” about that. And besides the fact that if you are good seller you end up “more” fortunate than the others is a prize every one of us would love to carry home.

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