SRINAGAR: In the picturesque winter wonderland of Bran Pathri, a tranquil village around 12 kilometers away from Tral town in South Kashmir, Mukhtar Ahmad’s wedding day unfolded into an extraordinary tale of resilience and camaraderie. As snowfall blanketed the rugged terrain, turning roads into treacherous paths, Mukhtar set out to fetch his bride with unwavering determination.

However, nature’s whims threatened to thwart his plans as due to heavy snow accumulation on the roads, the traditional horse riding route for the groom to reach his in-laws was impassable.

Undeterred, Mukhtar and his entourage reached out to an unlikely saviour – the 180 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Battalion in Mandoora Tral.

The CRPF swiftly responded to the call for assistance, deploying their own vehicles equipped with snow removers. With precision and efficiency, they cleared a path through the snow, ensuring Mukhtar and his relatives could continue their journey to Gutroo Tral.

“It was a moment of sheer relief when we called CRPF at 180, and they came to our rescue,” Mukhtar recounted with gratitude. Escorted by the CRPF convoy, including their bulletproof SUV, Mukhtar embarked on a journey unlike any other, braving the elements to reach his beloved.

“This is likely the first groom to bring his bride home in a CRPF convoy,” remarked a CRPF officer, highlighting the unprecedented nature of the event. For the residents of Bran Pathri and surrounding areas, accustomed to the tranquillity of winter months, this extraordinary gesture from the CRPF forged a bond of gratitude and respect.

Given that Gujjar weddings predominantly occur during the winter months, Mukhtar’s journey for his winter wedding to bring his bride from Gutru Village will make his marriage a memorable happening for him and his area.


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