by Faiqa Masoodi

SRINAGAR: Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar recently returned home after spending several days in the picturesque region of Kashmir. However, his journey wasn’t just about enjoying the scenic beauty or basking in the warmth of the local hospitality. Tendulkar, known for his on-field heroics, has been quietly championing a cause close to his heart – restoring smiles on the faces of children.

In a heartfelt announcement, Tendulkar revealed his involvement in an endeavour aimed at bringing joy to those who need it the most. “We don’t often think about our ability to smile, as a gift. We consider it a given. There are a few who struggle to express even this basic emotion,” Tendulkar expressed, in his post on Instagram, shedding light on a poignant reality. “Nearly 60,000 babies in India are born every year with deformities that inhibit their smiles.”

Through the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, the cricketing icon has been actively collaborating with a team of dedicated doctors who specialise in performing cleft lip and palate surgeries. “One of the centres we have been supporting is in Srinagar,” Tendulkar shared, highlighting the significance of his recent trip to Jammu and Kashmir. “During our visit, we spent time at Inga Health Foundation’s hospital, interacting with doctors, children, and their parents.”

Witnessing the transformative impact of these surgeries firsthand, Tendulkar couldn’t help but be moved by the stories of resilience and hope. “Listening to the stories of how the surgery has transformed the lives of these children was indeed gratifying,” he expressed. “Anjali, Sara, and I were all smiles after meeting these little heroes.”

Tendulkar’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of these children reflects his ethos beyond the cricket field. By leveraging his influence and resources, he aims to spread awareness and support for such crucial interventions that not only restore physical appearances but also instil confidence and happiness in young lives.

As Tendulkar returns home, his announcement serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and the impact individuals can make when they choose to stand up for those in need. In the heart of Kashmir, amidst the breathtaking landscapes, Tendulkar’s legacy of spreading smiles continues to shine brightly.

The post accompanies a short video showing Tendulkar interacting with the doctors and the families of the children who are undergoing surgery at the facility. To one child, Mrs Tendulakr is seen offering sweets. In another case, she is taking one in her lap. Tendulkar is seen signing autographs as well.

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketer, it may be recalled here, recently concluded a memorable family vacation in the scenic beauty of Kashmir, accompanied by his wife Anjali and daughter Sara. Throughout his trip, Tendulkar not only explored popular destinations like Pahalgam and Gulmarg but also engaged in meaningful interactions with the locals, showcasing his love for the region beyond its natural splendour.

In a touching gesture, Tendulkar visited a bat-making factory in Charsoo, Pulwama, rekindling memories of his cricketing journey with Kashmir willow bats. His presence breathed new life into Kashmir’s famed willow industry, reflecting his commitment to uplifting local communities.

From playing gully cricket near Aman Setu to driving a snow bike in Gulmarg, Tendulkar’s itinerary was a blend of sport, history, and diplomacy. His street cricket escapade with local boys captured hearts online, showcasing his humility and genuine love for the game.

During his visit, Tendulkar’s interactions with armed forces and local fans further highlighted his respect and admiration for the region. His decision to fly economy class on an IndiGo flight added to his charm, endearing him even more to cricket aficionados.

“The closest thing to heaven on earth is Kashmir,” Tendulkar wrote while sharing a video clip showing him flying home over the Kashmir Himalayas. This proclamation not only underscored the region’s natural beauty but also echoed Tendulkar’s sentiment of reverence for the picturesque locale.


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